About me

by Petar Dyaksov, 13.11.2014


I was born in 1989, in one of the oldest cities in the world – Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My greatest passion lies in the areas of business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and personal development. I am always either learning new things, provoking myself, or traveling. I love to inspire the ones around me, to do good deeds, to attend and participate in different courses, lectures, and trainings, love to improve myself and contribute to the development of the young people in Bulgaria, and these are the reasons I am dedicating my time to exactly these activities.

Here I will be sharing my experience and interesting things from the online and offline world. Welcome to my own personal web space.



SEMANDO is my newest project. Together with one wonderful and ambitious lady, decided to create this online jewelry boutique, specially for young ladies looking for adventure and glamor at any moment of the day.


Komanov is a project in collaboration with the world champion of kyokushinkan karate Alexandar Komanov (komanov.bg). The online store komanovshop.com offers an assortment of high quality food supplements and sportswear – everything the modern athlete needs.


Me and my team decided to create Tendrik Academy as another way to help develop the digital competences of the people in Plovdiv as well as to share our knowledge and know-how acquired over many years of practice.


Tendrik is an IT company that offers complete web solutions such as building websites, online stores, designing and branding, and developing digital marketing strategies for small and large businesses. I have created and continue to manage the company not only with the idea of its success but also with the clear aim of giving young people the chance to develop their skills and abilities – both personal and professional.


After an unsuccessful first attempt, in 2011 I created the online store for original branded perfumery Fragrances.bg. Its goal is to be the best specialized online perfumery offering professional service and products at the lowest possible prices in Europe. To this day, it is one of the leading Bulgarian websites in its field, operating in Greece and the European Union as well.

I have gained my experience in the industry from our family company “Venera Cosmetics”. I have been helping around since I was 13 – I have worked as a warehouse worker, driver, sales consultant, and a manager.









Aston University, England-
MSc “International Business”



University of Essex, England-
BSc “Business Management”

High School “Paisiy Hilendarski”,
Plovidv – “Information Technology
with German”



In 2016 me and Hristina Dimitrova wrote the first Bulgarian book about the world of perfumes – “Perfumes from A to Z”. The book is a first of its kind, it’s being distributed completely for free and is a unique guide in the world of branded perfumery. In it we have tried not only to give answer to all the frequently asked questions about branded perfumes, but also to share some useful tips and interesting facts that allow us to peek behind the curtain of one of the most profitable industries in the world. You can find it here.


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As a little kid, I would picture myself as a business owner. Even then, I didn’t think of myself as someone who would become a higher executive in a big corporation. I picture my successful career path that would be if I do not to apply my CV, not even once, for a job. Instead, I want to work with professionals with great CVs. I want to work, and to develop my skills so that I can succeed in my projects, while providing others with an opportunity to work and grow as well. When I was little, my role model was my dad. My parents always had their own business, and I grew around their firm, watching how to run and develop an organization. Maybe my parents’ lives and businesses created a blueprint for my professional life – to be an entrepreneur. And personally, I hope that in the next 5 years I will find my soul mate, with whom I would have many children and dogs, as well.


I spend most of my time attending or participating in various seminars, lectures, conferences and trainings. This way I not only inspire and improve myself, but also try to help others achieve the same.

Tennis is my passion and one of my favorite ways to spend my time. With it, I not only keep in shape, but am also calmer and more disciplined. Tennis is the way I unload the tension and gather new strength.

A proud owner of three furry, fluffy and smiling creatures – the Samoyeds Sami, Arisu and Angel. Samoyeds are extremely intelligent and loving, and I can boldly say that my life is better and much more colorful ever since they are in it.