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In just a few years, TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular apps among social media users. There’s no denying the power of this platform, but what does it mean for marketers? Is TikTok marketing just a fleeting craze or something truly worth investing in? I will look at
the fundamentals of linkedin marketing
LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks, and yet when it comes to online marketing, it sometimes undeservedly stays in the background. Undeservedly, because the platform provides excellent opportunities to be used not only to present yourself as a professional or your company, but also to help your business successfully achieve its marketing goals.
influence marketing dyaksov
What is Influence Marketing? I suppose the influence marketing is already a familiar technique for you or at least you have heard about it. This trend in digital marketing marked its peak in the past year, but we are still expecting the real peak of the Influencers in 2018. However, if this is a new topic
instagram story
Instagram and the Stories Instagram is frequently referred to as the “positive platform” due to its content and the users’ attitude. The app is one of the most popular and loved with a fanatic fan base behind it. In the business environment, however, it is often seen as a challenge. The inability of creating direct
instagram followers
How to double your Instagram followers only for a month Dubbed the “King of social engagement” by Forrester Research, Instagram offers an engagement rate of 2.3%, which far exceeds that of Facebook (0,2%) and Twitter (0.02%). Instagram has already become such an important part of the businesses’ online strategies that attracting more followers should be

The power of content marketing

The power of content marketing Have you heard the phrase “content is the King”? Yes, the king of Internet. The content is one of the most valuable and influential factors online, not only for the search engines like Google, but for the most important individuals in the digital world – our users. The creation and
How to use Instagram Hashtags for our business? We have seen countless changes, but definitely the most interesting remain those in the technology world. The Internet is progressively growing, and social networks increasingly become part of our daily lives. We can certainly say that for the past months Instagram and Facebook, are on top of
Periscope – Twitter’s video platform Periscope, the mobile app for online video broadcasting in real time, acquired by Twitter in February 2015, is officially the most commented and debated platform for live video streaming. Periscope is a great opportunity for all of us who want to have unlimited audience, who are willing to talk and
Snapchat – the quiet revolution in the world of social networks Snapchat has become a global phenomenon because of its self-destructing photos that have a life expectancy of only a few seconds before they disappear forever. This feature makes the application extremely popular with its users. As of June 2016, Snapchat has 150 million active
How businesses can earn money from Instagram? Instagram probably seems like a place only for some niche businesses in the market that can succeed – like fashion or food industry. However, it’s definitely not true, if you know what you are doing. The truth is that more and more owners of small, medium and large