Raising our children to be the best version of themselves is not an easy task. Probably, every parent will agree with me. There are, however, some monumental mistakes that parents make, according to Cameron Herold. One of these mistakes is teaching our kids the wrong things. “Being an entrepreneur is actually a cool thing”, says
They say there`s no place for business in Bulgaria. They also say that you need lots of money to start your own company. However, I would dare to argue with all those pessimists, who believe in such statements. I’m going to present you 10 types of businesses to start with less than 500 or 1000
Ambitious, but willing to work 24/7 in the name of the cause; innovation lover and a person, who knows how to take risks; unbending and brave active player in the national economy – this is a short description of the successful modern-day entrepreneur. And even if you think these people are mostly either very few,
  On 22nd of March 2015 my JCI Plovdiv team and I again organized the free seminar “First Steps in Business”, which took place at the Aula of the Technical University – branch Plovdiv. This time our choice of speakers was even more ambitious than before, and the event itself brought together more than 150
  What is the origin of good ideas? Has it ever happened to you to remember that some time ago you had a very interesting thought but you somehow didn’t develop it and now you can vaguely remember it (if at all)? There is an incubation period preceding the moment when a new idea is
What is “First steps in business”? “First steps in business” is an entrepreneurship seminar that aims at meeting people from the actual business world with start-up young entrepreneurs, professionals from different spheres, students, and everybody that’s willing to learn about the different challenges of starting your own business. The lectors are professionals who are successful