успешен лидер
What is the hidden ingredient in the recipe of successful leaders? Success can be defined in many ways. For some it means wealth, for others – respect or fame. But, sometimes, money and power are not enough. Success also means well-being, dreams come true, satisfaction, peace. The late Maya Angelou, a poet – laureate, defines
A story about the “Youth Academy” of the National Youth Forum (NYF) 2014 How did it all begin? Has it ever happened to you to sit quietly in your office, on the couch at home, or even in the bed, aimlessly checking your Facebook? In a moment just like these, in a summer August afternoon
The article’s main goal was to present one of the many transformations within Venera Cosmetics this year (2014). It expresses my opinion on young Bulgarian specialists’ development and the high need for the private sector to provide them with opportunities so that they can grow professionally. On the other hand, the internship programmes are an