оптимизирана фирмена дейност
Innovative processes and improving the activities within a company are essential factors for providing a more effective and more efficient service for customers. As a matter of fact, in-house optimization can not only improve customer service, but it can also significantly reduce expenses, save time, improve coordination between workers and provide an opportunity for offering
If you have decided to become a proud owner of a puppy, you must be facing the dilemma – should I get a cheaper puppy with no pedigree or is it a better idea to invest more money on a pedigree puppy bought from a reliable and responsible breeder? The real question is, however, how
I wrote the following article at the end of this summer. A friend of mine nominated me to take part in a different version of the popular Ice Bucket Challenge. This time the goal was to raise awareness to the problem with abandoned pets. As a person, who not only loves animals, but also have
The article’s main goal was to present one of the many transformations within Venera Cosmetics this year (2014). It expresses my opinion on young Bulgarian specialists’ development and the high need for the private sector to provide them with opportunities so that they can grow professionally. On the other hand, the internship programmes are an