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Petar Dyaksov

Petar Dyaksov

My name is Petar Dyaksov and I am a digital entrepreneur, online marketer and manager. At least most of the time. Oftentimes I like to transform into a lecturer, blogger and trainer. Learn more about me here.

business in the city

Sofia – one of the top 10 cities in the world for entrepreneurs will be a home to a 3-day business conference like no other. Business in the City: Explore | Share | Grow that is going to take place between 8th and 10th of September 2017 is going to present the main aspects of doing business in the modern city – how to explore the opportunities through sharing ideas and resources and achieve sustainable growth.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to take part in seminars and workshops, networking, Gala dinner with the speakers and the other (international) guests. The program gives valuable opportunities to learn, exchange know-how and develop all participants’ business network and knowledge. For this will help as well the approximately 250 managers and entrepreneurs from Bulgaria and abroad who have come together to explore and share, and with a common goal in mind – to grow their businesses.

EXPLORE – You will be able to explore how the trend toward urban living in the developed and developing world can bring enhanced employment opportunities, free exchanges of ideas, culture, enterprise, and wealth.

SHARE – Sharing Economy is one of the main trends in the recent years and is shaping the way of doing business by using resources in the most efficient way. This socio-economic system is built around the sharing of all resources – human, physical and intellectual.

GROW –Аll the drivers that allow cities to attract more citizens, businesses, tourists and to continue to thrive – traffic flow, clean water and air, effective emergency and health services, outstanding education, you will understand how to use these opportunities given by the modern cities in order to grow your business.

What to expect?

  • 250 participants from Bulgaria and abroad;
  • 9 international speakers;
  • 3 days of seminars & workshops;
  • Networking Cocktail on Friday;
  • Gala Dinner on Saturday;
  • EXPO with companies from Bulgaria and abroad.
  • Many surprises and FUN!

Program Activities


Amazing Bulgarian and international speakers will share how they’ve achieved their success and what drives them.

Some of the speakers include:

Ismail Haznedar from Turkey. He is the managing director of Stratejik Isler, a fellow member of Strategic Planning Society (SPS), a certified management consultant (CMC) and the 2015 JCI President.

Steve Keil from Australia. He is the founder of MammothDB, co-founder and CEO of Xentio, an international speaker and entrepreneur. Thanks to his passion of innovations and his experience in business management, the Australian has been teaching entrepreneurship, management information systems, and small business dynamics since 2004. In 2011, during TEDxBG, Kyle presented his theory on why people in Bulgaria are unhappy and how that could change. This is one of my favorite TED talks. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can join the revolution now:

Kevin Hin from Monaco. He is a member of the Palace Press Service team preparing the 2011 Royal Wedding in Monaco and the 2015 JCI Vice President for Europe. He has experience in business development, owning and running a hotel in Nice, setting up a successful blog about the French Riviera, and has developed the APM Monaco trendy jewelry brand around Europe and the Middle East.

Alan Hutchison from Switzerland. He is the co-founder and CEO of ProsFit Technologies, a board member of Europe Unlimited, the founder of ClusterBridge in Switzerland – a consultancy specializing in international business development. He has headed corporate development for an equipment marketing company in Asia, refocusing the business on investors’ needs, and has set up joint ventures in Singapore and India.

Ionut Tata from Romania. He is a senior consultant and head of R&D at Iceberg, co-founder of Thinkstitute, Quib, Hub, Arkhive, and JCI Vice President for 2017. His rich experience in co-founding startups shows us how committed a person could be to a certain cause, and how an idea can turn into a successful business with hard work and commitment. He is also deeply involved in social and business related issues in Romania and the region, chairing the Pro Democratia Association.

Kristina Krancheva from Bulgaria. She is the founder and managing director of CM Consulting. She is licensed in corporate business etiquette and International protocol consultant, an image consultant from the London Image Institute® and holds a license for Bulgaria for Speakers Training Camp®, USA. The second edition of her book “Business Etiquette” was released in 2013. 

Boris Hristov from Bulgaria. Founder of 356labas – a boutique presentation design and training agency. He has delivered sessions in more of 25 countries. Boris has many years of experience as a trainer, and he teaches not only students but also people from IT, sales, marketing and management on topics ranging from skills to presenting and telling stories through the psychology behind the slide design.


You will have the opportunity to participate in unique workshops where you can learn, explore and discover how to make a business successful, sustainable, and have a great reputation in the process.

Networking cocktail

A special networking cocktail will take place during which you will be able to exchange contacts, know-how, ideas, etc. The networking events are a trademark of JCI Bulgaria, therefore expect something good.

Gala dinner

This is the cherry of the event. It is an event within the event. Filled with song, dances, positive emotions and countless opportunities. You must prepare your official clothes.


There will be an opportunity to showcase one’s business to all participants. During the conference, if one’s interested, he/she can showcase the best of their products and services.

Special program

For now, this remains a secret to light your curiosity even more. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed by what we are preparing. Join us at the conference to find out what it is. However, we can promise you that the things that we are preparing are going to be like no other business conference you have visited before!


Join entrepreneurs, managers, business developers, innovators, investors, and leaders from all over the world and explore, share, and grow with us.

If you want to become partners of the event, please contact me.

And for those of you that want to learn more or book a ticket, visit the JCI’s website.

Petar Dyaksov

Petar Dyaksov

My name is Petar Dyaksov and I am a digital entrepreneur, online marketer and manager. At least most of the time. Oftentimes I like to transform into a lecturer, blogger and trainer. Learn more about me here.

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