Online business or – “making money from internet” as we usually call this field – has reached an extremely high-speed, continuous development and deepening. It immerses into our everyday lives, but moreover, it brought new free job positions, which made it possible for many newly established occupations and professions to rise up. Among them, the
  On 22nd of March 2015 my JCI Plovdiv team and I again organized the free seminar “First Steps in Business”, which took place at the Aula of the Technical University – branch Plovdiv. This time our choice of speakers was even more ambitious than before, and the event itself brought together more than 150
Today, online marketing provides a variety of ways for expanding your client reach, as well as for active advertising of a certain product or service. The widely popular email marketing is one of those means. In e-commerce theory and practice, email marketing is determined as a main income of new clients and it is also
Marketing, or the way you communicate the value of your product/service/brand to your clients, can be divided into about a hundred different types. To make it easier for you, an American university teacher has explained the main types of marketing, as well as some of the most commonly used marketing terms through simple examples that

Bitcoin – the next-gen currency

Today, less and less transactions are done in cash. Instead, we can buy a product via credit card or through online banking. But has it ever come to your mind that you can pay for something by using a cryptocurrency? Well, someone thought it’s possible, and that marked the beginning of Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin?
  Why we do what we do – Motivational video of Tony Robbins Undoubtedly, the knowledge about the motives behind our actions is a powerful weapon for leaders and people who want to influence others. Whether you are a politician, a manger, or a spiritual leader, you have to be able to motivate people the
  What is the origin of good ideas? Has it ever happened to you to remember that some time ago you had a very interesting thought but you somehow didn’t develop it and now you can vaguely remember it (if at all)? There is an incubation period preceding the moment when a new idea is
What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for your website’s appearance in search engines and, as such, it is widely used as an Internet marketing strategy in the companies. In order to achieve an effective SEO, it is good to follow some rules and guidelines that we have collected for
успешен лидер
What is the hidden ingredient in the recipe of successful leaders? Success can be defined in many ways. For some it means wealth, for others – respect or fame. But, sometimes, money and power are not enough. Success also means well-being, dreams come true, satisfaction, peace. The late Maya Angelou, a poet – laureate, defines
How to choose a good website for original branded perfumes? For a while now, I’ve been keenly following online trends in Bulgarian perfumery e-commerce industry. There are tons of blog posts and forum threads like “Perfume websites we can trust” or “Perfume thoughts and passions”, a part of which are either ridiculous or just written Protection Status